Abdulkereem Kereem


About the Instructor

DevOps Engineer, Software engineer, Blockchain developer, 12 year experience of software engineering and computer software architecture, Expert at Natural Language Processing & Computer Vision, Highly skilled in data mining and analysis, Experienced at team building and people management and emotional managements, neural linguistic programming.

Abdulkereem's Courses

Es6 Javascript Industrial Training Fund (Nisdp)

This course is sponsored by the Industrial Training Funds (ITF/NISPD PROGRAM), students will learn how to build a functional website using Es6 JavaScript and the HTML5

Introduction To Web Design With Bootstrap (Itf & Neca)

This course is sponsored by the Industrial Training funds, all students that enroll as been per taken in a physical assessment by the sponsor of this course.
The course will guide the students on principles of web designing using Bootstrap CSS Frameworks.

Introduction To Machine And Flask Rest Api

Are you tired of boring, outdated, incomplete, or incorrect tutorials? I say no more to copy-pasting code that you don’t understand.

Welcome to one of the best resources online on creating REST APIs. I'm Abdulkereem, and I'm a software engineer; here to help you truly understand and deve...